14 Sep

HP printers are globally known for reliability. HP printer offers a simple interface that allows users to take printouts without any worry. New HP printers have a network printing feature where users can easily share the printer device with other systems over the network. But there are few basic issues on HP printers that are faced by many users while accessing the printer.

Paper Jam Users can get the paper jam often when using the DMPs. Sometimes, this error can also appear on laser and inkjet printers. Whenever the user gets the paper jam, check the rollers. The user gets the error when the paper is stuck inside the roller and the printer stops working. For fixing the jam, the user has to remove the paper. Close the printer and then check its rollers. Remove the paper chunks carefully and then check inside the printer. Check for paper chunks and junk then remove it. After cleaning the printer will start working.

Printer is offline The printer can show an offline error when it can’t get the driver. Without the driver, the printer can get connected to the PC but won’t take the commands. In case you haven’t installed the driver then install it now. Get the driver and then your HP printer will easily communicate with the PC and start taking the commands. If you have the driver but the printer is showing the error the check for its update. In case your printer driver is corrupted then reinstall it. When your driver starts working, the printer will give you the printouts reliably.

The printer is not available Whenever you can’t find your HP printer, check the network. Error is appearing because the printer is not connected to the PC or network. You can get an issue due to a faulty cable. Go to the printer and remove the USB cable. If the cable has any kinks or cuts then replace it. Use only high-speed cable as the low-speed cable can’t work on the printer. When using the network printing, check the WPS pin for HP printer. You should restart the WPS pin and then check the printer. Retry to connect the printer. Click on the SSID and then provide the password. When the printer gets connected, you can give a print command and take the printouts easily.

Faded printouts Printer shows the quality issues when the ink is very low. Due to the low ink, you will get faded printouts. Go to the printer and check its print level. If the ink level is very low then replace the cartridge. Get a new HP printer cartridge for the printer. If the original cartridge is costly then seek refilling or clone cartridges. The third-party carriages are cheap but their ink quality is low. You will get poor quality printouts with the clone cartridge. Sometimes your printer can’t find these cartridges. You should only use the original cartridges on HP printers. Buy good-quality ink and then refill the cartridge. Shake your ink cartridge carefully and then install it. When you have the ink but the printer is still giving the faded printouts then check the printing mode. Check your settings and go to the printing mode. Set the mode to High and now your HP printer will give good printouts. Users should also check the paper quality. Print quality gets ruined when the page is too thick or thin.

HP printer error code e3Your printer shows the error code when some of the printer files are not working. For repairing the error, you can try restarting the PC and printer. Remove cable from the HP printer and then reconnect it. The printer will start automatically. Now go to PC and close all running programs. Restart it and then go to the document to give the print command. If you are facing the same error then run the printer troubleshooter tool. The inbuilt printer troubleshooting of Windows will inspect the corrupted printer files and repair them automatically.

The printhead is not workingPrinthead error can appear when the user is taking lots of printouts without a break. The printhead of your HP device gets overheated. If you don’t stop printing then it will burn out. Hp printer offline Shut down your printer for some time and then resume the printing. When your printhead is clogged then use the utility tool. Open your HP software and run the cleaning tool. After cleaning the printhead, the user can work on the HP printer reliably. 

No Cartridge error After changing the cartridge; some users get a No Cartridge message on the printer screen. You will get this error when the printer can’t detect a new cartridge. This error mainly occurs when the user has installed the clone cartridge. Some HP printers can’t recognize third-party cartridges. If you see a cartridge error, get the original HP cartridge. In case the original one is costly then refill the original empty HP cartridge. When the printer is not identifying your refilled cartridge then remove all the cartridges from the printer. When all the slots value is zero. Start installing the cartridges and now the HP printer will find the refilled cartridge and start printing.

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