26 Aug

PC experts claim that Macs are more securer than Windows computers. But, the growing threats and computer infections have proved them wrong by attacking Apple PCs and damaging their crucial data and components. If you use your Apple computer for web browsing and file downloading purposes, then read the article below to stay protected with Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware for Mac

Managing Internet security and privacy is a challenging task, but it becomes more difficult with the arrival of new threats and computer infections. Most of the malware and computer infections may damage your PC's internal components to an irreparable extent. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of security programs available over the web, but choosing the best free malware removal program is not easy. Experts advise that you must install the best antivirus product that meets your requirements with ease. It is recommended to install a malware scanner with virus removal properties to ensure hassle-free maintenance of your PCs.

Read the article below to know more about this antimalware solution for Mac and learn some quick tips to use it more efficiently.

Tips to Install Anti-Malware for Mac.

Launch your browser and type "Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware for Mac" in the search box. Navigate to the official website of the product and search for the 'Download' button. Click the 'Download' button to get the latest 'Anti-Malware for Mac' installation package. Once the package gets downloaded, double-click the '. dmg' file to run the installer. 

Now, click and drag the 'Anti-Malware for Mac' onto the 'Applications' folder. Wait patiently until the file copying process gets completed. Once done, click the 'File' option from the menu. Click the 'Eject Anti-Malware for Mac' option from the list that appears. Now, you can delete the '. dmg file. 'Click the 'Applications' folder and double-click the application's icon to launch it.Tips to Uninstall Anti-Malware for Mac in case of malwarebytes not opening 

Power on your Mac and access the 'Applications' folder. Click to select the 'Anti-Malware for Mac' file. Now, drag the application to the 'Trash' folder. Empty the 'Trash' folder to ensure that the software gets uninstalled completely. 

What to Do If 'Anti-Malware for Mac' is Unable to Open or It is Showing the 'Mac App Store' Error?

Sometimes, you may get an error notification from 'Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware for Mac' stating that the application is unable to open because it was not downloaded from the Mac App Store. The problem may occur due to the default security settings of your system. There are multiple ways to resolve the problem, and you can pick any one of the following methods to get rid of the error:

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